Zoella Christmas Range Review

I’m not going to lie, I was not planning on buying anything from her range as the prices were quite high. But, they have dropped loads because no one is buying them so I decided to give three products a whirl.

Merry and Bright Bubble Bath

This packaging is gorgeous! I love the little pompom bobble (hair tie) that comes tied around the top and I absolutely love the design of the bottle.

There is 490ml (oh my) of product altogether and it smells amazing! It was also £6 (on offer) and to be fair, this pricing is completely reasonable but I wouldn’t buy it at full price.

Snow polished: Body Polish

This product has the same colour scheme as the bubble bath but has little pink trees all the way around! It has an amazing fresh scent and hasn’t got micro beads which is a big plus! It made my skins feel really smooth and there were no dry places.

It has 100ml and came as a set with the body butter for a collective £5! This is an absolute steal at this price and I used to be £11 so it’s over half price!

Snow Smooth: Body Butter

This, like the body polish, has little pink trees printed around the actual body of the product. I must say though, it is not filled up to the top so you may not get all 100ml of product.

Again, it has an amazing smell that left my skin smelling and feeling refresh and nourished!

Overall, I think that the prices before were a bit silly and now they are reasonably priced, I don’t see no reason why people should not buy these products!


Barry M liquid chrome highlighter drops ~ review!

I actually purchased these off of Amazon as, funny story, I didn’t want to go down to superdrug on my own and look lonely.

The price on Superdrug is £6.99 and the price on amazon w/ our delivery is £4.32

I really like these drops as they are a much cheaper versions than the cover fx and iconic London ones!

I got mine in the shade ‘Beam Me Up’ which is a lovely light gold shade!

I must say, a little goes a long way with this product and I was amazed to see how blinding it is!

However, I did notice that it preformed better when blended out with a dense brush than when applied by fingers. I also noticed that if you rubbed the highlight when it was on your face is disappeared ever so slightly.

But, the glow it creates is very nice and you can alter it to how you want by adding more or less product!

Her is a semi-blended swatch of it on my hand (without flash) and a picture of the gorgeous, yet simple packaging:

In conclusion, I think these drops are with the money and I will definitely be trying out the other shades Barry M has as I was very impressed!

Until next time 👋

My Christmas Eve traditions!

Christmas Eve is one of the most magical times of the year as it is the day before Christmas, geez point out the obvious Em, and it holds lots of traditions for many people!

On Christmas Eve morning I don’t really do much beside wrapping a few presents and helping to tidy the house.

The afternoon is where it really starts! 9/10 times I go to the local theatre and watch a pantomime. This is quite a big thing in England! But, this year the tickets have sky rocketed.

Now, believe me it wouldn’t be all that bad if it was four people going but there is 8 and at the price of £34 pp 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, instead, we are going to the cinema. My dad doesn’t come along as I think he is to busy being ~Santa~ or just sleeping.

When the film/performance has finished my family and my older sisters along with their boyfriends have dinner/tea then, part ways until early Christmas Day!

The evening is then filled with Christmas Films and hot chocolate!

Oh, my Nan also stays round Christmas Eve night!

What is Christmas Eve like at your house?

The Best Christmas Films!

Hey there ! It is almost the winter break and if it’s too cold outside, I have the best Christmas movies and where to find them!

The Polar Express 🚂

You can find this film on your YouTube and google play!

I don’t personally like this film that much but my mum loves it! It had a very magical element of Christmas and is about going to the North Pole and seeing Santa.

Elf 🎅🏼

Personally, this is my all time favourite film! It is hilariously funny and is about a human that grew up as an elf and takes a journey through the candy cane forest to New York where he meets his dad that never knew he existed!

It can be found on amazon!

The Santa Clause Trilogy 🎅🏼

Again, this movie is one of my all time favourites and my family and I watch all three over and over again! It is about a man who ‘kills’ Santa and when he puts on his suit he becomes Santa! Each film is about something different so you won’t get bored!

It can be found on Netflix!

The nativity 👶

The nativity is probably the funniest film on this list as a few bits are actually improvised! It’s about a group of school children from Coventry performing a nativity that they think will be seen be ‘America’! There are three films as well!

This can be found on Netflix.

The Grinch! ❄️

The grinch is about an unusual man who hates Christmas! He lives in a town, however, full of people who think Christmas is the best! It is about his journey of stealing all the children’s presents and becoming holiday cheermister (I think that’s how you spell it)

This can be found on Netflix depending on your county.

I hope you enjoyed this festive list 👋

What to do if you are snowed in

If you live in England than you would know that recently we have been getting sooo much snow the past week and quite a few schools have closed and even some rural areas have been cut off!

Because of that, I decided to make a list of what you can do on a snow day!

Make a snowman! ⛄️

This one is a bit obvious but if you have wellies, gloves, a coat and a hat you are all set to go out and make a snowman whether that be big or small!

Have a snowball fight! 🌨

Again, you will need the essentials to keep you warm. Pro tip: don’t pick up ice or yellow snow as that’s disgusting and ice could really hurt.

Turn on the fire or light a candle! 🔥

Just think, it’s snowing outside, the fire or roaring and you have a nice thick blanket! Looovvveeelllllyyyy!

Make it better by watching a Christmas film! 🎬

Here is a few suggestions: elf; The Santa Clause 1,2,3; Polar Express; The Nativity 1,2,3 and so many more you can find on Netflix and sky!

Wrap Christmas presents! 🎁

It’s a perfect time to wrap Christmas presents instead of spending the Christmas break doing it and doing it when you are snowed in!

Make it better by listening to Christmas songs!🎵

This one is an obvious one and can make anything you do that day a little more Christmassy and festive!

Now That’s What I Call Music Christmas Edition is a go way to go!

Make Hot Chocolate! 🍫

If you don’t want boring old hot chocolate why not spruce it up by adding cream and marshmallows or if you want different flavours you can add mint leaves to make it mint or a candy can to make it a peppermint hot chocolate!

What I got my friends for Christmas!

I have quite a few friends but only some are extremely close friends which are the ones I get proper gifts for because they get me proper gifts! So here is a list of what I got!


I only got chocolate for people in my friendship group who I am not as close with and this was about 3 people I did this for!

I opted for chocolate from Poundland as it is cheap but nice.

Body Shop Shower Gel

For one of my friends I got this ~fancy~ circle box thing that has small bottle of shower gel: four to be exact. This is a great present because there is a range of things to try and they all smell really nice!

Bomb cosmetics soap

For another friend, I got soap from bomb cosmetics! The soaps hey make are really pretty as they have different scents and patterns in the soap.

It is also quite cheap as it is 3 for £7 so that is one person sorted!

Sophdoesnails x Makeup Revolution Palette

I really want this for Christmas so I decided to get my best friend it! It is the most expensive thing on the list at £10 but it is really nice and has loads of really pigmented shades!

Barry M Liquid Highlighter Drops

This is an awkward present to wrap so I recommend getting a gift bag!

These highlighter drops are gorgeous and again I want these for my self as they create a really nice glow and are pretty cheap!

How to stay positive!

Hey! You, yes you!

All of have trouble with our bodies, our personality and everything in between! This post is about how to stay positive because you are amazing.

1. Take a long hard look in the mirror

Just take a minute and look at yourself and admire yourself! Pull a few funny faces and be vain! Everyone needs to be once in awhile.

2. Look at your best features

Just look at yourself and point out all the bits you like about you self and try not to point out those you don’t like.

3. Make someone laugh, even yourself!

Making someone laugh can help improve you confidence because they find you funny! Also, maki someone laugh or laughing your self makes you happier: it’s scientifically proven (I think).

4. Listen to your favourite song

Just listening to my favourite song and getting up and dancing makes me happier immediately and it could help you as well!